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       from a dream to reality...Literally!      


Hi I'm Nancy Pierre The CEO and President of Savon Blu. YES! I am Haitian!! My Background is in Non Profit Managment. I am a Performer with the public Theatre, an Clinical Iridologist ,General Contractor , the Wife of an incredible Husband for 25 years and the mother of four amazing Children, ages 27,22,18 and 16 and a Bonus child (My son's Girlfriend) :). What a scare in 2007 after giving birth to my 16 year old. I was given about 24 hours to live and She was already dead in my womb. Miracles truly do exists because somehow they stopped the bleeding in my womb and revived My daughter .We were both placed on a respirator in the intensive care unit and I was still in a coma. THIS STORY went viral after THE ORIGINAL VIDEO was circulating, via email and AOL uncut for years prior, as a testament that GOD is still in the healing and Miracle business. After this amazing miracle ,I was on a quest for total healing because I know God designed your bodies so perfect and it is able to heal itself if cared for properly. During the Pandemic everyone in my household became very sick with Covid. I decided to take action and healed our bodies with food, opened our windows and went out and breathed FRESH AIR . The symptoms began to disappear miraculously and no long covid. I wanted to keep this health thing going, discovered Iridology , went to Iridology school which required me to learn the herbs and their function and purpose in our body. Once I started Taking Clients ,I realized I could make all the topical ointments and lotions etc that I was recommending to them. I had a dream I was a Clay vendor , stepped out on faith believing it was a sign to take my Eczema serum to the public, I did and I have a little more than clay as you can see! Savon Blu by Blutresse was born and I continue on my journey to help people attain wholeness and wellness.

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